Guidelines regarding membership applications further to Article 7, second paragraph, of the EPLAW Statutes

1. The applicant for membership must be an advocate, solicitor or barrister, member of a bar association or law society;

2. He or she must have significant experience in patent litigation in his/her jurisdiction which experience, next to assisting senior lawyers in litigation, should include conducting a substantial number of patent cases (be it regarding issues of infringement, validity, and/or entitlement) during the five years preceding the application;

whereby a patent case will count as such if it regards one patent, but can count for more if it regards more patents;

whereby what will be a substantial number may vary from one jurisdiction to another, depending on the volume of patent cases and the number of patent lawyers in that jurisdiction (under circumstances the threshold may be set at less than five or more than fifteen patent cases); and

whereby the applicant shall provide an account of each of the relevant patent cases, mentioning – unless this would violate rules of professional or contractual confidentiality – the numbers of the patent(s) in suit, the court instance and location, the names of the parties, the types of issues in some detail, and the dates marking the beginning and the end of the pendency of the case.

3. The applicant shall also provide the Board with the names and contact details of two reference members who, based on their own contacts and experience with the applicant, will support his/her application. The reference members shall not be from the same firm or group of firms (national or international) as the applicant.

4. The Board will ask the reference members to confirm their support of the applicant adding reasonable details. Upon receipt of the reference letters the Board will evaluate the application and let the applicant know whether his/her application is accepted.
Amsterdam, July 2015


Please download and complete the Application Form and post back to:
Eszter Szakács, Danubia Legal, 16 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út, Budapest, 1051, Hungary – eszter.szakacs@danubialegal.hu