EU – Liber Amicorum Willem Hoyng

Posted: November 12th, 2013

Willem Hoyng, Litigator

The blurb: "This Liber Amicorum is offered to Willem Hoyng in celebration of his 40th anniversary as an IP lawyer and his 25th anniversary as a Professor of IP at Tilburg University. Over the years, Willem has made a very substantial contribution to the field of national and international intellectual property. This book is an homage to him, and a reminder of some of the highlights of his work over the years. The articles collected here discuss a variety of cases that Willem dealt with before the Supreme Court of The Netherlands, the Benelux Court of Justice and the European Court of Justice. The authors of the contributions are all international IP specialists. They include key members of the intellectual property judiciary and illustrious collaegues, past and present."

Contributions include:

Tim Powell
Liability for patentees who invoke invalid patents against competitors or their customers?

Robert van Peursem
From Philips/Postech to Philips/Lucheng – the transition dilemma unresolved

Pierre Véron and Nicolas Bouche
National measures for preserving evidence for foreign intellectual property rights (towards a crossborder saisie-contrefaçon?)

Kevin Mooney
The Unified Patent Court and its Rules of Procedure

Winfried Tilmann
The European Patent Package, Opt-out or use the UPC?

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  1. Is there any way to see the full table of contents? I may want to buy this book but I’d like to see the titles of all the articles first.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I have now added a link to the complete table of contents.

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