UPC – 20220117 German French UPC Supremacy


DE – Modernization-of-German-Patent-Law


UPC – Letter to UPC Preparatory Committee


ES – MWC IP Fast Action Protocol 2019


EPO – RPBA_for_user_conference_en


UPC – The UPC Back on Track


EPO – CA/98/15


Unitary Patent

Latest publicly available version of the Proposal for a Regulation on Unitary Patent


Rules of Procedure

Latest (9th) draft of the Rules of Procedure for the Unified Patent Court.


Draft Rules of Procedure

Links below to:

  • Letter from the President, Christian Gassauer-Fleissner
  • Draft Rules of Procedure for the Unified Patent Court received from the Drafting Committee
  • Comments of the Board on this draft as sent to the Drafting Committee
  • Suggestions received from members of the Board


Unified Patent Court

Submissions to the UK Parliament European Scrutiny Committee.


Pierre Véron’s presentation on Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court

Presentation from Congress – 2011.


Implementation of the Enforcement Directive

Table of the Enforcement Directive


Italy and Spain make opposition to enhanced procedure clear

The two countries whose refusal to go along with the current EU unitary patent proposals lead to the adoption of the enhanced cooperation procedure, have vowed to appeal that adoption. The adoption was today ratified by the council ministers for the remaining 25 member states. Both Spain and Italy remain strongly opposed to the underlying proposals, however, and maintain that progressing those proposals without their participation is discriminatory. Other members states, such as Slovakia, which are part of the coalition of the willing have indicated that they are yet to fully digest the ramifications of the recent CJEU decision, indicating that they may yet chose to withdraw from the co-operation procedure in light of the opinion.


CJEU decides draft European Patent ageement not compatible with EU law

The CJEU has today handed down its long awaited analysis of the legality under present EU law of the proposed Community patent arrangements. The judgment is attached, together with the Court’s press release summarising its decision. The Court appears to have concluded that fact that the proposed European and Community Patents Court would not cooperate with the CJEU in the same way as the national courts would do means that it is incompatible with EU law. Further analysis of the full decision will be available shortly.


European Parliament consents to enhanced cooperation for EU Patent

On 15th February, the European Parliament approved the use of the EU enhanced cooperation procedure to create a common EU patent system. If approved by the meeting of the Council of Ministers on March 10th, it will be only the second time in the European Union’s history that the procedure has been adopted, and will allow the unitary patent proposal to proceed in 25 of the 27 Member States (excluding Spain and Italy).

See link for European Parliament press release

And also the European’s original proposal for the procedure to be adopted from 14 December of last year (which contains an interesting short summary of the 10 years worth of twists and turns the translation saga has taken to date)


The ECJ has announced that on Tuesday 8 March 2011 it will hand down its decision on the Opinion 01/09 on the Patent Agreement (PCA).

The ECJ has announced that on Tuesday 8 March 2011 it will hand down its decision on the Opinion 01/09 on the Patent Agreement(PCA).


Working paper from the Commission Services on the draft Rules of Procedure for a Unified Patent Litigation System – [PI 65 COUR 59] Brussels, 9 July 2009


Green Paper on Review of Council Regulation on Jurisdiction and the Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters (COM (2009) 175 Final, of 21.04.2009)


Commission Working – Draft Agreement on the EU Patent Court & draft Statutes: 4.11.08


Council of European Union, Working Document


The FRAND Licensing Regime in a Standard-Setting Environment

Damien Geradin & Miguel Rato


Commission statement – Future action in the field of patents.

Speech by Charlie McCreevy, European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services
European Parliament Pleanary Session
Strassbourg, 28 September 2006


Assessment of the Impact of the European Patent Ligitation Agreement (EPLA) on Litigation of European Patents

prepared February 2006


[Draft] Statute of the European Court (9/9/05)


[Draft] Agreement on the Establishment of a European Patent Litigation System (7/12/05)


UK Patent Judges’ response to European Commission Questionnaire


[Draft] UK Patent Office’s response to European Commission Questionnaire