Young EPLAW – Presentations

Posted: May 25th, 2010

The Young EPLAW Conference which was held last week in Brussels was again a great success. Below you will find the various topcis that were discussed as well as links to the presentations by the various speakers.

Recent trends

Supplementary Protection Certificates –Recent European Case Law
Miriam Gundt and Roland Böhler

Claiming the infringer profit in a distribution chain
Alexander Haertel

Cross-Border European Patent Litigation

Management of cross-border European Litigation: coordinating several national and EPO proceedings
Christopher Stothers

Cross Border infringement situations after GAT/LUK
Daan de Lange and Tilman Müller-Stoy

The European and EU Patents Court (EEUPC) What is wrong with it?
Jochen Pagenberg

EUCPC: Towards a Young EPLAW Resolution

The European and Community Patent Court
Denis Schertenleib

Courts/Jurisdiction – Risk of Forum Shopping
Jeppe Brinck-Jensen

EUCPC Timetable for proceedings
Sara de Sousa

Oral Hearing
Kaya Köklü

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