UK – Eli Lilly v. Genentech / referral to CJEU

Posted: March 11th, 2019

Eli Lilly And Company & Ors v Genentech, Inc [2019] EWHC 387 and 388 (Pat) (01 March 2019) This was a claim brought by Eli Lilly and Company (“Lilly”) for revocation of Genentech’s patent EP (UK) No. 1,641,822 (the “Patent”) entitled “IL-17A/F heterologous peptides and therapeutic uses thereof”. Genentech does not have a marketed product […]



Posted: February 21st, 2019

Fresenius Kabi AB v/Fresenius Kabi and Fresenius Kabi Oncology Plc. (“Fresenius Kabi”) v. Eli Lilly and Company and Eli Lilly Danmark A/S (“Lilly”), the Danish Eastern High Court, 20 December 2018, Case number B-2735-17 The case concerns the infringement of Lilly’s patent DK/EP 1 313 508 (“DK/EP ‘508”) which relates to the use of the […]


NL – Fast & Fluid Management v. Santint and Zhengzhou Sanhua Technology & Industry

Posted: February 15th, 2019

Fast & Fluid Management B.V. v. Santint B.V. and Zhengzhou Sanhua Technology & Industry Co., Ltd., Judge in interlocutory proceedings, District Court The Hague, The Netherlands, 8 February 2019, Case no. ECLI:NL:RBDHA:2019:1105 Fast & Fluid demanded a preliminary injunction against Santint and Zhengzhou due to alleged infringement on its EP 970 for a ‘valve assembly’. […]


UK – Technetix v. Teleste

Posted: February 13th, 2019

Technetix B.V. & Ors v. Teleste Limited, High Court, London, UK, 29 January 2019, Neutral Citation Number: [2019] EWHC 126 (IPEC) This case was brought by the patentee, Technetix B.V (and two licensees) claiming infringement of UK Patent No. 2,382,473 B (“UK’473”), a patent relating to cable tap units used in the distribution of signals […]


UK – Garmin v. Philips

Posted: February 8th, 2019

Garmin (Europe) Limited v Koninklijke Philips N.V., Patents Court, London, UK, 29 January 2019, case no. [2019] EWHC 107 (Ch) This was a claim brought by Garmin for revocation of Philips’ patent EP (UK) 1,076,806 B1 relating to a portable GPS based athletic performance monitor and to the use of the device in an external […]


UK – Regen Lab v. Estar Medical et al.

Posted: February 6th, 2019

Regen Lab SA v (1) Estar Medical Limited, (2) Estar Technologies Limited, (3) Medira Limited, (4) Lavender Medical Limited, (5) Antoine Turzi, UK Patents Court, 18 January 2019, [2019] EWHC 63 (Pat) The Patents Court held Regen’s European Patent (UK) 2 073 862 lacked novelty over a non-confidential prior use, and notably rejected the Defendants’ […]


NL – Koninklijke Douwe Egberts v. Belmoca

Posted: January 30th, 2019

Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.V. v. Belmoca BVBA, Interlocutory Judge of the District Court of The Hague, The Netherlands, 28 December 2018, Case No. ECLI:NL:RBDHA:2018:15453 Nespresso compatible coffee capsules. Koninklijke Douwe Egberts (hereafter: KDE) accuses Belmoca of indirect infringement of EP 521 relating to ‘A beverage preparation system, a capsule and a method for forming a […]


NL – Sandoz v. Eli Lilly – Alimta® / pemetrexed

Posted: January 24th, 2019

Sandoz International GmbH v. Eli Lilli and Company, District Court The Hague, The Netherlands, 16 January 2019, Case no. ECLI:NL:RBDHA:2019:321 Lilly holds European patent 1 313 508 B1 (hereafter: EP 508), entitled ‘Combination containing an antifolate and methylmalonic acid lowering agent’. Sandoz in tries to have EP 508 revoked due to lack of inventive step. […]


UK – GSK v. Vectura

Posted: January 7th, 2019

GSK v Vectura, Patents Court, London, UK, 13 December 2018, Case no. [2018] EWHC 3414 (Pat) This judgment is the first instance decision of Arnold J, dealing with GSK’s claim for revocation of five of Vectura’s patents and Vectura’s counterclaim for infringement by GSK’s dry powder inhaler products for the treatment of asthma and chronic […]