FR – Otis v. Schindler (06/18186)

Posted: July 1st, 2009

Otis Elevator Company v. S.A. Schinlder, infringement and invalidity proceedings, Tribunal de Grande Instance, Paris, France, 1 July 2009, Docket No. 06/18186, with thanks to Pierre Véron, Véron & Associés

Claim 1 of the foregoing patent is invalid for insufficient disclosure, the skilled person not being able to select the dimensions of the wedge clamp and its angle in order to obtain a compressive stress value lower than a defined value which is given neither by the patent nor by the knowledge accessible at the time of the invention. The other asserted claims being dependent on claim 1 insufficiently disclosed, they are also insufficiently disclosed and equally invalid.

Since the asserted claims are invalid, the infringement claims are without object.

Read the judgment (in French) here.

Read the judgment (in English) here

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