NL – SEAB Power LTD v. The Waste Transformers

Posted: September 8th, 2022

SEaB Power Ltd v. The Waste Transformers Nederland B.V. et al., summary proceedings District Court The Hague, The Netherlands, 12 July 2022, (joint) Case No. ECLI:NL:RBDHA:2022:6786 SEaB holds patents EP ‘589 and EP 420 relating to portable devices for anaerobic digestion of waste. SeAB requests exhibition of certain evidence, in order to substantiate an infringement […]


NL – Synthon v. Teva / Appeal

Posted: August 30th, 2022

Synthon B.V. and Synthon S.R.O. v. Teva Pharmaceuticals Europe B.V., Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Court of Appeal Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 23 August 2022, Case no. ECLI:NL:GHAMS:2022:2417 Competence of the Dutch Court regarding alleged unlawful enforcement of patents outside the Netherlands. Court of Appeal defers further decisions  pending the decision of the European Commission following an […]



Posted: August 25th, 2022

TATA STEEL IJMUIDEN B.V. et al v. ARCELLORMITTAL SA, Court of Appeal Luxemburg, 27 July 2022, Case no. 113/22 – IX – CIV ARCELORMITTAL has submitted a patent application (EP 2 906 734) on “A method for manufacturing a metal sheet with a ZnAl [Zinalium, a zinc-based metal] coating and with optimized drying, corresponding metal […]


BE – Tunstall v. Télé-Secours and Victrix Socsan / forced licence

Posted: August 22nd, 2022

Tunstall Group Holdings Limited, Tunstall Group Limited, Tunstal SA v. Victrix Socsan and Télé-Secours, French-speaking Enterprise Court of Brussels, Belgium, 26 July 2022, Case no. A/21/01929  Health solutions provider Tunstall holds EP 2 160 038 B2, a patent relating to tone signaling and more specifically to a method of encoding dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) digital elements […]


NL – Floration v. Royal FloraHolland (RFH)

Posted: August 16th, 2022

Floration Europe B.V. v. Coöperatie Royal Floraholland U.A., District Court The Hague, 10 August 2022, Case no. ECLI:NL:RBDHA:2022:8015 Floration holds EP 036, relating to a “Method for long-term storage or transport of roses or chrysanthemums, packaging assembly, container comprising packaging assemblies, and use of packaging assembly”. RFH has started experimenting with the transport of roses […]


NL – HE Licenties v. Orchid Gardens

Posted: August 4th, 2022

HE Licenties B.V. v. Orchid Gardens et al, District Court The Hague, The Netherlands, 27 July 2022, Case no. ECLI:NL:RBDHA:2022:7627 HE Licences is involved in the management of patent rights in the ornamental plants industry. Orchid Gardens cultivates plants, including colored orchids. HE Licences invoked its patent rights against customers of Orchid Gardens. HE Licences […]


UK – BMS/Pfizer v. Sandoz/Teva

Posted: July 23rd, 2022

Sandoz Limited v Bristol-Myers Squibb Holdings Ireland Unlimited Company and Pfizer Inc. heard together with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited v Bristol-Myers Squibb Holdings Ireland Unlimited Company and Pfizer Inc. v Teva UK Limited (Part 20 Defendant), High Court, London, UK, 15 July 2022, [2022] EWHC 1831 (Pat) Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer’s formulation patents protecting formulations […]


UK – Optis v. Apple: a look at what counts

Posted: July 19th, 2022

On 13 June 2022, Lord Justice Birss provided the leading Court of Appeal judgment (to which Arnold LJ and Phillips LJ agreed) in Optis v Apple. The Court of Appeal judgment concerned Apple’s appeal in relation to whether a piece of prior art, referred to as InterDigital, anticipated claims 1, 6, and 9 of Optis’ […]


UK – Neurim abd Flynn v. Mylan

Posted: July 14th, 2022

Neurim and Flynn v Mylan [2022] EWCA Civ 699 Introduction The Court of Appeal dismissed Mylan’s appeal against the finding of the Patents Court that European Patent (UK) No. 3 103 443 (“EP443”), a second medical use patent for a prolonged release formulation of melatonin owned by Neurim (and under which Flynn holds an exclusive […]


NL – Novartis v. Mylan

Posted: July 12th, 2022

In an interim relief decision of 21 June 2022, the preliminary injunction (PI) Judge of the District Court of The Hague held Novartis’ EP 2 959 894 (“EP 894”) re fingolimod 0,5 mg provisionally invalid. This is the first substantive PI decision on the validity of EP 894 matter in Europe, where several proceedings between […]