Are Patent Settlements Anti-Competitive ? EU, U.S. and Korean perspectives

Posted: September 30th, 2013

Under the direction of Paul Nihoul & Alain Strowel, Friday 18 October 2013 (Afternoon session), Bruxelles

"When parties are unsure about their rights and claims,
litigation ends up with settlements. In the pharmaceutical
sector, settlements to end patent disputes between originator
and generic companies have recently been under
scrutiny. In some instances, patent holders have indeed
paid generic companies to delay their entry on markets
(‘Pay for Delay’). Is this acceptable, in the light of the restrictions
to competition that follow from such payments?" 

"The conference aims at providing an update on recent
developments. Cases are indeed pending or have been
decided recently in the EU (Lundbeck, Servier), in the
U.S. (Actavis) and in Korea (GSK). The conference will
offer a platform for stakeholders and academics to present
their view. There will be time for interactions with
the public." 

Read the entire programme here.

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